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2009 Blog entries




November 14, 2009


Today I will bring my latest painting to a friend of mine who will take it tomorrow morning to the Ottawa Little Theatre for the Ottawa Art Association Fall Award Show. It is a painting of a Bernese Mountain Dog called Ringo who joins my friend Rebecca and I regularly on the walks through the fields. He is a very gentle but proud dog which I captured in my painting. Therefore, I gave the painting the title “Your Majesty, Ringo I”.


Last week, I had to have all my paintings finished for the new hanging at “Galerie de la Rive” in Rockland. As I wanted to hang mostly new works I was quite busy during the week before the hanging, especially as I had been so occupied with work and my children's activities that I had done hardly anything except during my stay in Kamouraska. Being so under pressure to finish my paintings and succeeding gave me quite a rush. Did I mention that I was still busy attaching the hardware, naming and pricing my works in the early hours of the day of the hanging? I really have to make sure that I find time to paint daily, even if it is only for an hour. However, looking at my schedule until the rest of the year it will be hard to realize. I will try anyway.


I hope you will have a chance to see the new show which will run until February 21, 2010. I put up 12 works, 10 of them new. With a couple of new, well-known artists in the gallery the show looks fabulous again. We will do a painting demonstration December 5 from 10am to 4pm, and the vernissage is December 6, 2009 from 1pm to 4pm. There will be free portraits, door prizes, a silent auction, and music. Since September 2009 one of our artists is also sitting at the gallery from 10am to 4pm every Friday to Sunday.


I also put some of my works into exhibitions at Queenswood Villa in Orléans, and the Orléans and Gloucester Libraries.


Enjoy the nice mild weather and get outside,







October 11, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! It is a very windy and cold day here in Canada's capital: You certainly have to dress warm to enjoy the occasional sun peaking through the dark clouds. It is probably one of the last days you can see the colours in the trees, even though the colours this year are not as great as in other years.


I went painting twice since my return from Kamouraska – both times to Petrie Island. The first time it was raining but I found shelter in one of the observation posts. Last Thursday, however, the weather was fantastic. I painted with my friends Bob and Janis. At lunch time we were able to enjoy our lunch in the warm sunshine.


Now I have to get painting. The next hanging at “Galerie de la Rive” is on November 8, 2009, and I hardly have any finished paintings to show. However, the two Petrie Island paintings are almost finished.


The paintings I finished in Kamouraska will probably go into a show at Galerie Old Chelsea at the beginning of 2010 which means I cannot put them into the “Galerie de la Rive” show which will run until February 28, 2010.


I would also like to finish a painting to participate in the “Ottawa Art Association” November Awards Show at the Ottawa Little Theatre on King Edward Street.


At the moment I have paintings in the Arteast exhibitions at the Cumberland, Orléans, and North Gloucester libraries as well as the Arteast Art and Photo Exhibition at Queenswood Villa in Orléans.


The current show at “Galerie de la Rive” is on until November 8, 2009.


I hope you enjoy browsing through my website. Please feel free to leave your comments in my online guest book.


I am looking forward to hearing from you,







September 18, 2009


Today is a rainy day, and it does not look like it will clear up. We will have to set up indoors. I am so glad we were out every day so far from early morning to supper time.


Tuesday was a very cold and windy day. We went into a small street with a private lot on a humongous rock. It was the first day to wear a scarf and gloves. Janis and I decided to warm up at the house for lunch, and went to a community room in a light house in St.-Germain for the afternoon where we were sheltered from the wind. We both did a wonderful study of the community around the church.


I felt so invigorated that I went for a long walk along the waterfront once we were back at the house. It was just wonderful.


Wednesday we went again to the rocky lot. As it was Janis' turn to cook we went shopping around lunch time. Back at the house we had a lovely lunch in the yard. It was very warm. Afterwards we went back to the rocky lot where we stayed until sunset. The colours were just unbelievable. I painted four scenes, and was quite happy with the outcome. The paintings are far from finished but have potential.


In the evening we were first treated to an amazing sunset, and then to Janis' coconut curry, and apple-raspberry crumble.


Yesterday, we went west to Roch-des-Aulnaies. The rocks in the park were unbelievable. We stayed there the whole day. I dared to do my second 16”x20” painting. I had a lot of trouble with the grass colour but after doing two other paintings I could finally fix the problem. The funny thing is that it took me hours to do the first painting but only minutes to do the second which I prefer to the first one.

The third one was just some playing around with the painting knife. Let's see if I can turn it into a painting at one point.


As it was my turn to cook, I was glad I picked something easy: pasta with pesto and vegetables in cream sauce.


As painting is really exhausting we seem to go to bed earlier every day. Some of us are already in bed before 9pm. Well, we work hard.


Today, as soon as it stops raining so hard I will get my art supplies from the car but at the moment it is raining heavily. I wish I had not left my rain boots in the car. So far, we are testing the heavenly goods Bill got from the local German bakery, looking through art magazines.



September. 14, 2009


I am in Kamouraska with six painting buddies. We left in a caravan of three cars from Hawkesbury Saturday morning after my friend Janis had picked me up at my house. This time I decided to travel light, and left my oil paints at home.


The drive up was great due to the wonderful weather. We were all equipped with walkie-talkies and could communicate. We arrived just in time for moving into the rented house. The lovely old house is right at the waterfront. There is even a room for painting inside for a rainy day. I share the a room on the second floor with Janis.


Aside from the painting it will be a real vacation from housework. Everyone just has to cook supper ones, and we do the dishes together. The first night it was Sharon's turn. We had salmon with lots of vegetables. Delicious. Yesterday, we had a traditional “Tourtière” from Hélène. Today Leslie will treat us with a roast. Well, so far my report sounds like the description of a culinary trip but you are quite hungry after a whole day of painting outside.


As the weather was so nice and warm when we arrived we took the opportunity to take some pictures along the waterside.


Yesterday, it rained in the morning. So we had a really relaxed breakfast before Janis, Sharon, Bill, and I went first to Saint-Denis and then to Rivière-Ouelle to paint. The landscape is just phenomenal. Clouds and water are changing so fast that it is a challenge to capture the beauty.


Today, Sharon, Janis, Bill, and I painted at the banks of the St. Laurent close to St. Germain. I am not sure why but I felt really tense and rushed, not enjoying the morning too much. Maybe it was because I used a 16”x20” canvas which was too ambitious for the fast changing scene. The more frustrated I got the more I struggled with my painting. When it started raining I was almost relieved. Janis and I went back to the house where we met Hélène and Maria. When it stopped raining we went back out together to paint some fields just east of Kamouraska. I had a lovely time until it started raining again. As it was already late afternoon we just called it a day.





August 25, 2009


School is going to start in a week. Although I missed not being able to paint during the summer I am still not ready to send my kids back to school. Somehow the summer felt really short – possibly because of the less than favourite weather.


Last weekend we had a very successful vernissage at the “Galerie de la Rive”. We were not sure how many people would show up due to the summer season but were pleasantly surprised which is great because we still put a lot of work into organizing the event. I was so happy that some of my friends came again to show their support. That means a lot to me.


In less than three weeks I will leave for my painting trip to Kamouraska. I am very excited. Hopefully, we will have great weather but I am sure we will have fun anyway. As I will participate in the “Colours in Colour” event in Vanier on September 27, 2009 I hope I will have some new work ready.


I will definitely keep you updated.


Enjoy the rest of the summer,







July 1, 2009


Happy Canada Day!


I have just used the holiday to update my website with my newest paintings.


Sunday, July 5, 2009 I will be at the “Galerie de la Rive” for a painting demonstration.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009 is the changeover at the Orléans and the Gloucester Libraries. I will put one painting in each of the libraries as it is good to keep up your presence but with my next solo show coming up I have to make sure to have enough paintings available that look harmonious together. Thursday, July 9, 2009 is the beginning of the new exhibition at the “Queenswood Villa” in Orléans. I have already registered two flower paintings for that exhibition. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the vernissage on July 16, 2009.


Enjoy the warm weather,






June 24, 2009


I am very excited: I will have my second solo show. I will exhibit some of my works at the Rockland Broadway, 2756 Chamberland St., from July 15, 2009 to August 14, 2009. It is so wonderful to have another venue for artists in the east.


I hope this will be profitable both for the restaurant and for us artists. What could be better than looking at some beautiful art while enjoying your meals.







June 23, 2009


School is almost over. That means that soon I will not have much time to paint for the rest of the summer. With two kids at home it is almost impossible to spend time in my studio, and there is no way I can go with my painting buddies to paint outside. Hopefully, I will at least be able to do some sketches from the sides of the soccer fields.


If I have a chance I will probably paint again during the Cumberland Village Garden Tour on July 12, 2009. I will keep you updated.


Yesterday, we hung the paintings for the new exhibition at “Galerie de la Rive” which will be on view until November 8, 2009. We will have painting demonstrations on July 5, 2009 from 1pm to 4pm, and August 22, 2009 from 10am to 4pm. The vernissage is scheduled for August 23, 2009 from 1pm to 4pm.


Everyone did another great job creating new works. I had so many events in my kids' calenders that I was still finishing my last painting the morning of the hanging. I am sure glad I paint mostly in acrylics.


Have you seen the new tab on my website? Now you can not only write me an email but also sign my guest book.


I am looking forward to hearing from you,






June 1, 2009


After two months at the Blackburn Hamlet Library I took my paintings down last Thursday. I am not sure how many people saw the exhibit, but I got some really nice feedback, and sold one of my paintings (Sunset over Petrie Island II) which was very exciting.


I exchanged paintings at the Ottawa Little Theatre, and Café Resonance in Navan. On June 22, we will also put on the new exhibition at Galerie de la Rive. I hope I will have enough paintings as I also have to finish a commission of my husband's grandmother.


With the school vacation coming up it will be hard to fit in some painting time but I will try hard to keep going because you really get rusty when you do not practice continually.


Enjoy the warmer temperatures with nature blooming everywhere,





May 1, 2009


Today was the first day of the Ottawa Tulip Festival. It is my first year as one of their official artists. Yesterday my fellow artist friends Janis, Hélène, Sharon, and I went to deliver our paintings to the pavilion near Dow's Lake. Today we painted in Mayor Hill's Park , and on Wednesday next week we will be painting at Dow's Lake. I was a little nervous as it was the first time I was painting in a high traffic area. However, it went very well. First of all it is always fun to paint with the “painting buddies”, secondly everyone who approached me was very friendly and supportive. I am sure next week will be even better as most of the tulips need a couple more sunny days to bloom.


I am also very happy that I finished my first commission outside of the family on time, and to the satisfaction of my client.


My exhibition at the Blackburn Hamlet Library is still on until the end of the month. My painting “French Hill Schoolhouse” did not win any of the prizes at the Ottawa Art Association Awards night but a got a couple of compliments for it. It you have a chance to make it to the Ottawa Little Theatre on King Edward Street in Ottawa, have a look at the many fantastic works of the members of the Ottawa Art Association.


It is very fascinating to watch the fast changes of nature at this time of the year, and to get out and paint.


Take the time and admire nature,




April 7, 2009


Today it was time to go home again. It was sad to leave as I made some really nice new friends. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. I can hardly wait till the next painting trip.


Yesterday, they day started promising. Therefore, we went back to the fields we had painted the day before in the afternoon. It was amazing to see how the colours had changed compared to the day before.


We eagerly set up to paint. However, about an our later a snow storm hit us out of the blue. In a couple of minutes all the colours were gone, and we were left with a white mysterious landscape. At first we tried to brave nature putting up umbrellas to prevent the wet snow flakes from hitting the canvas and palette. However, the wind shifted constantly so that we finally had to give up. I started lifting up the paint from the canvas instead of putting it on as oils do not work to good on water.


We were also soaked from the wet snow, even through my snow pants. There was only one thing we could do: go back to the resort. Helene and Janis were already in our cottage when I came back, and we painted in our cottage for the rest of the day. John and Deborah came over to chat. We had a great afternoon.


At night was the big “Show and Tell”. Everyone was encouraged to show some of his/her work. It was just amazing what everyone had accomplished whether it was indoors or outdoors. It was also very interesting to see how other artists saw places we had also been too.


Later John's painting that he did during his demonstration was raffled off. I would love to have one of his paintings but did not win. There is always a next time.


The last highlight of my day was listening to the jazz band “A Work In Progress” who had already played at the Galerie de la Rive vernissage. What a treat!


The trip was a big success even if the weather was very bad. I learned a lot about what is helpful when you are painting outside in extreme weather conditions, profit from the experience of the established artists, and made new friends.


It was a very new experience for me to be the youngest of the group as I was the oldest child in my family, as well as in school. I have to admit I like being the “junior” for a change.


I like to thank the organizers Mette, Deborah, and Malcolm for putting together such a great opportunity for artists to get together, and all the fellow artists for their warm welcome.


I am sure I am hooked now.


On the way home I drove with Janis. As we still had snow and rain we did not stop to paint but only took some pictures of some of the picturesque spots we passed on the way. I definitely have enough material for a year if I wanted to make use of all my photos. I am sure I will come back to the Petite Rouge Region.


Have a wonderful Easter weekend,







April 5, 2009


After a very rainy day yesterday, we woke up to light snow. The temperatures had dropped quite a bit and it was very windy. Nevertheless, I decided to go out with Bob. A couple of other painters joined us as we put up our easels at a near swamp. We stayed there until noon although it was very cold, even in extra layers of winter clothes. We had 1 degree Celsius – with the wind it was probably closer to minus 10 degrees. It took me a long time to finish my sketch as there was so much to see in the swamp, and you really had to simplify and cut back to the basic shapes.


After a hot tea in a small diner we looked for a new spot. Having done a lot of water paintings in the last couple of days we all decided to look for a pastoral view. We found a really nice area with great colours. It is amazing how much colour you can find in nature even at the beginning of spring when the trees are still without there leaves. I have to admit that I see so much more colours in nature since I paint regularly. I guess I just pay more attention to everything I see.


We painted from 9.30 am to almost 5pm. I am quite tired tonight but I definitely cannot miss the gift exchange that will happen around 8pm. I have already heard so much about it from previous years that I am quite curious.






April 4, 2009


It's pouring rain outside. I am in Petite Rouge with the Plein Air Ensemble. I don't think we will get a chance to go painting outside today. I will stay at the residence and paint as the thought of painting the dreary scene from inside a car does not really appeal to me. I am glad I brought some material to paint inside.


Yesterday, however, we were very lucky. Bob, a fellow, picked me up for the painting trip, and after unloading the car we went directly to search for a good painting spot. We both managed to get two paintings done before the rain set in. The first one took me a couple of hours, the second one I did in fifteen minutes, and it is almost finished.


Later on we had “Happy Hour” where I met all the other participating artists. I knew about half of them already. I am very happy as I am in a cottage with my painting buddies Janis, H, and have the luxury to have a single room.


After dinner we had a presentation from Golden Paints on their Acrylics products. It was a great presentation but I assume that all the painters who have never worked in acrylics were quite overwhelmed as it was a lot of information to digest.


After the demonstration we even got a goody bag to try out their new Golden Open Acrylics line.

Just the right thing for a rainy day.


I am very excited to finally try the new line especially after I saw all the neat things you can play with.


Keep on playing – it is so much fun,






April 1, 2009


A very exciting weekend lies behind me. We had a two day event at Galerie de la Rive to celebrate the new exhibition. Saturday half of the artists did their painting and photography demonstrations. It was great to see that so many people were interested in the way we produce our works of art. I was especially happy to see some former neighbours, members from my church, and a good friend of mine. Jean-Pierre, one of our photographers took lots of pictures and videotaped us. Soon you will be able to see the result on our Galerie de la Rive website (


Sunday was just phenomenal. The gallery was full of people, including some of the participants of our school contest, the jazz band “A Work In Progress” and Olaf Krassnitzky who did free portraits Saturday and Sunday made the event even more memorable. I am sure everyone had a good time. I definitely enjoy talking with the visitors and fellow artists. It feels great to hear their comments about the gallery and the paintings. It is definitely worth all the hard work we put into putting the gallery into the spotlight.


However, the excitement did not stop there as I hang my first solo show Monday morning at the Blackburn Hamlet Library. It looks very good. I would like to say a big thank you to the great help of the Arteast coordinators Lynda and Thelma. However, just before the hanging I ran into a big problem as I had left the framing of my latest painting to the last minute realizing that the standard frame was indeed not standard but a tenth of an inch too small. In slight panic I had to find a new frame at a store within minutes before I had to be at the library. I was very happy that the sales person was very helpful, and quickly put wire on the frame. I had all the hardware with me but preferred not to have to do this work at the library. The exhibition will be on until the end of May. I would love to hear from you if you have a chance to see it.


In two days I will go on my first painting trip with some of my regular painting buddies as well as some other established artists of the Ottawa area. I am very excited as I was just invited to participate at the beginning of March. Most of my things are already packed as two of my friends will take them already up tomorrow. I will follow with another friend Friday.


To be prepared for all kinds of situations I will take both my acrylic and oil paints. Shopping for all the extra stuff I will probably need if we will be painting for five straight days was already an adventure. I felt like most kids who enter a “Toys'R'Us”.


I will definitely keep you updated once I return from the trip.


Enjoy the first warm spring days,



March 3, 2009


While I am writing this it is bitterly cold outside. Hart to believe that spring will start in less than three weeks.


A couple of weeks ago I was painting plein air for the first time in winter, and I loved it. I was afraid I would be cold but with hot pads in my boots I did not have a problem. It was just wonderful to go into the woods on snowshoes and paint in the crisp air. However, I encountered some small problems while painting when the wind blew my canvas against my good coat a couple of times. At the end I looked like an abstract painting myself but thanks to the long drying time of oil paints I was able to get everything out in the washer. I think I need a special painting jacket for winter.


At the end of February I managed to finish a couple of paintings for the new “Galerie de la Rive” exhibition that will be on until June 22, 2009 – some of them really last minute. In these situations I am always glad that acrylics dry fast. However, I purchased the new Golden open acrylics, a new type of acrylics which are slow drying. I am looking forward to trying those out. They should be a great advantage in the warmer seasons when I was at times quite frustrated because my paints dried faster than I could put them on the canvas making a switch to oil paintings necessary during last summer. I will let you know how they will work out for me.


Hope to see you at either the painting demonstration or the vernissage at “Galerie de la Rive” on the weekend of March 28/29, 2009. For the vernissage we will have not only a jazz band, prize draws, and a free portraitist but it is a chance to meet all the wonderful artist of the gallery.





February 2, 2009


Wow, January passed fast. I finally managed to paint again – with the Blackburn Hamlet group and with my painting buddies. Usually we are a plein air group but due to Ottawa's cold winters we have met inside recently to do still lives. This is always a lot of fun both during painting and also at lunch we share together. Once a week I also go to class with Ottawa painter John Alexander Day. Especially when life is very busy it helps me to get painting . Once I have started a still life in class I feel the urge to finish it.


As you might have noticed already the website was updated so that you can enlarge the paintings by clicking onto the photos. I would like to thank my husband Ingo for helping me to upload all the photos again to make this new format possible.


I registered for my first painting trip, and I am very excited about it even though it will not happen until fall. One week of painting - what could be better than this?


With the next “Galerie de la Rive” exhibition coming up fast (start March 2, 2009, vernissage March 29, 2009) I have been quite busy with meetings and administrative work. It is great to work with such a wonderful team of people. It is a lot of work but we are doing it for ourselves which makes it fun.


If you are looking for a place to see and purchase my artwork and cards there will be a new place to go to: Café Resonance, 3417 Trim Road, Navan, ON. I am very excited about this new venue. Especially as there will be an Artist Day on February 28, 2009. For more information go to


Please feel free to contact me with your feedback,










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