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2012 Blog Entries

December 20, 2012



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my family, friends, customers, and visitors of my website.


2013 was a very good year for me. The two plein air painting trips to Ste. Adele in March and Kamouraska in September provided lots of inspiration. I doubled my participation in shows and finished the year with a solo show at the Blackburn Hamlet Library.


For everyone interested in cards or prints of my artworks, I increased my number of cards at Greeting Card Universe and joined Fine Art America, the premier online marketplace for buying and selling fine art prints, framed prints, stretched canvas prints, posters, acrylic prints, metal prints, and cards.


I was lucky enough to teach some wonderful students. We had a lot of fun and I was proud to see how everyone made progress.


I would like to thank everyone of you for your support. Selling art is definitely the goal but it is so important to get feedback from family, friends, fellow painters, and people looking at my art. I am always happy when I see people looking at my animal painting with a big smile and enjoy the talks that develop.


I am looking forward to an exciting 2013. I will tell you more about some new projects at the beginning of next year.




November 7, 2012


September and October were very busy for me. On September 22 and 23, I participated in the Glebe Fine Art Show which experienced another increase in visitors. My special moment was a compliment by one of last year's customers who told me that she still enjoys the painting every day. The bunny would still look as lively as the day she first saw the painting.


Two weeks later, I took part in the West Carleton Arts Society's Expressions of Art Exhibition in Carp. This was my first exhibition west of the City of Ottawa. It was a great experience. I met many interesting people. As they have a central cash, the artists do not have to be at their booth all the time which makes it possible to take a closer look at the other work exhibited as well as get to know the other artists. A very welcoming atmosphere.


As much as the shows are a lot of work to prepare, I enjoy the opportunity to talk to the visitors and see the reactions to my paintings. Therefore, I am looking forward to doing both shows again next year.


On the weekend of November 24 and 25, I will do my first Christmas show at the Watson's Mill's Annual Christmas Market and Fine Art Sale, 5525 Dickinson Street, Manotick. Finally a chance to show all my winter paintings. I know that paintings usually stay on the wall year-round but somehow it feels weird to show them in a spring or fall show.


On October 20, I was a facilitator at the You Deserve It Women's Day Conference in Orléans. I held two workshops with the theme “Explore Your Creativity Through Painting”. It was a new and exciting experience for me. Everyone of the participants had so much fun, no matter whether they used a paint brush for the first time or had painted before.


Please click here to see the finished paintings:


I hope you feel inspired to pick up a brush and get creative. Please contact me if you need some help to get started.




The KAM 7 Trip to Kamouraska September 8 to 15, 2012


Saturday, September 8, 2012



My friend Janis and I are on our way to Kamouraska for a week of painting with our friends of the KAM 7 group where we can take in the breathtaking landscape and hopefully capture the beauty on canvas.


I had a very successful August with a couple of sales and and a nice morning at “Art in the Park” during the Cumberland Farmers Market on August 25, 2012. It was hard to get up so early to set up in time for the market but it was great to talk to so many people interested in art and to get so much positive feedback.


On the last day of August, Janis and I went to retrieve our paintings from the Gallery Old Chelsea which will relocate in October and from then only show works of the associate member. It was sad to lose another venue to show my art. I would like to thank the Galerie Old Chelsea associates for making it possible for me and other artists to show our works in their charming gallery, and wish them luck for their new venue.


The last couple of days I was busy preparing for some upcoming exhibition venues: Starting tomorrow some of my paintings will hang in the meeting room of the Glebe Community Centre until September 30, 2012.


Some of my paintings will be displayed in the Ottawa School of Art Show Case at the corner of Somerset and Bank Street from September 18 until November 12, 2012.


I also registered for the Arteast Juried Award Exhibition at the St. Lawrence Complex which runs from September 30 to November 29, 2012.



Sunday, September 9, 2012


We arrived safely at Kamouraska. Even though I was responsible for the first dinner, Janis and I went for a walk to stretch out our muscles after the long drive. I am glad we did it because we just had started eating dinner when the big storm that postponed our departure from Cumberland by about half an hour had arrived in Kamouraska. The wind was unbelievable and the rain just hammered against the windows and onto the roof.


For dinner I made salmon drizzled with maple sauce, mustard sauce, little potatoes, salad and for dessert black bean brownies with raspberries.


Today was our first painting day. The sun was shining but the wind was just brutal. Janis and I started the day with a walk along the river on Avenue Le Blanc before heading to the lighthouse at St. André at Le parc de l’Ancien-Quai (The park of the Old Pier)” where we painted from inside the lighthouse. Sharon and Bill came by just when we wanted to start lunch. In the afternoon we went to Route Beaulieu but decided that it was too windy to set up on the beach. Instead we took a turn into the fields and painted a field with hay balls.


Tonight's dinner was done by Leslie: Chicken thighs with a delicious pasta and vegetable dish, salad and fruit on a biscuit with whipping cream and chocolate sauce.


Monday, September 10, 2012



The sun was out again for most of the day. As we had almost no wind in the morning, Janis and I went up a Monadnock and painted the view of fields, Monadnocks and St. Lawrence River. It was a place which offered lots of great subjects. I knew Janis was able to do two paintings while I tackled a bigger one. In the early afternoon, we went to “our” Monadnock, the one we discovered four years ago. By now someone is building a house on top but the view around is still spectacular. Even though the wind had picked up again, we decided to paint a water scene. As I was quite exhausted from the morning, I just did a small painting with the water of the river as golden as some of the field of the area.


As both Janis and I were tired after the early start today, we decided to head back to the house already around 4pm. After having come here for a couple of years you know when to call it quits. There are four painting days ahead of us and you have to spread your energy wisely.



Saturday, September 15, 2012


We are on our way back home. We had a terrific week although the strong winds were challenging at times. However, the temperatures were as high as never before. We spent two days painting in summer clothes with temperatures reaching 27 degree Celsius Thursday.


Tuesday, Hélène, Janis and I went towards St. Denis finding a nice spot on Route Lauzier with a view of the fields towards the St. Lawrence River. Hélène was sure it was a quiet road and wanted to set up her equipment in the middle of the road but had to move to the side as quite a bit of traffic passed us. The most annoying was a young guy driving his dirt bike up and down the road having fun enclosing us in clouds of dust.


In the afternoon, we drove through St. Denis-sur-Mer to Rivière-Ouelle, were we had a hard time finding a spot to park two cars. We ended up at the shore of the St. Lawrence painting the tide coming in.


Sharon made sure we got our strength back by serving a hardy meal of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn and red beats followed by a dish of bananas, jam, whipping cream and Cointreau.



Wednesday, Hélène, Janis and I went to St. Pascal, where we went into the fields off Route Belanger to paint the view in front of us. I decided to zoom in on Kamouraska, Janis and Helene went for the view of St. Pascal first, then did the view towards Kamouraska while was attracted to a barn with huge rocks in front of it.


Janis and I already finished around 2:30pm and went back to the house. As the weather was just fantastic, we did a long walk through Kamouraska admiring the beautiful old buildings.


Hélène treated us to a great chili with salad, followed by ice cream and strawberry-raspberry compote for dessert.



Thursday, Hélène, Janis and I stayed close to the house by driving to the west end of Avenue Le Blanc where we painted the river bank with the tide out. Later we drove towards St. André to “our” Monadnock which we learnt yesterday is situated at the Mineral Beach. We admired the house that is being build on top of it. What a terrific view! Hélène stayed on the Monadnock doing a watercolour painting while Janis and I went to the bottom painting the river scene while watching a couple of swimmers. One of them continued to do some stretching and yoga on the beach which was quite the distraction. Later we saw some other gentlemen going up the Monadnock with a yoga mat. As we found out years ago that this Monadnock is a popular meeting place for gay men we had to wonder what kind of yoga they were practising. Well, we did not stay to find out. It was Janis' turn to cook. She served a spicy Jambalaya, salad, blueberry cake with lemon yoghurt.



Friday started out very warm with the tide out. Hélène, Janis and I drove again to the Monadnock at Mineral Beach. Janis and Hélène wanted to paint the rocks while I decided to paint the view towards Kamouraska. While I was painting a group of scientists came to take samples of the soil. We already saw them the day before.


At first, Janis wanted to call it quits after the first painting. As she is always painting a lot faster then I am, she usually has to wait for me, so she decided to go around the Monadnock in the meantime. Hélène went for a nap in her car. After the walk she felt ready to keep on going. The three of us went to the little park at the shore of the St. Lawrence in St. Denis. Janis did two small paintings while Hélène and I managed to do one.


Back at the house we looked at all of our paintings, 85 in total, and were once again very satisfied with the work we had done. Most of the paintings are not completely finished, not all of them are prize winners but they show how diverse the area and our way of capturing the landscape in our paintings really is.


As every year, our landlady Anne and her husband Gilles came to admire what we had accomplished in the week. This time she brought another painter with her, Magda Bascaron whom everyone but Janis and I had already met the first time the group went to Kamouraska without the two of us. Her husband Richard came, too.


Earlier in the evening, we already had a visit by the Colonel Leslie met years ago while painting close to his house in St. Denis. He has not missed any of our little “show and tells” so far.


Bill who was the last cook of the week presented us with a cheese platter before his traditional spaghetti dinner with salad and fresh bread from the bakery. As dessert he served a KAM 7 variety of ice cream with fresh mixed berries.


Looking back, I can say that we worked hard, ate very well, enjoyed each other's company and had lots of fun together. We have already decided to come back next year.


August 1, 2012

I hope you have had a great summer so far. Hard to believe that it is already August. As my kids are older now I have more time to paint during their school holidays.

I finally finished the portrait of our beautiful Golden Retriever Candy. Now that I did at least one painting of all of our dogs it is time to paint Miko, the cat. Probably a project I will do over the winter as I start to get busy preparing for the upcoming shows.

I created many new cards on Greeting Cards Universe. I will order some to have them for the shows but you can go to my online shop anytime to order cards. Some of them are blank, some come with a text but you can always adjust the inside according to your needs. Please go to

On August 25, 2012, I will take part in “Art in the Park” at the Cumberland Farmers Market from 8am to 1pm. I am excited as I had a great time last year.

At the beginning of September is the KAM 7 painting trip to Kamouraska. I can hardly believe that this is already the fourth time the current group is going together.

On September 22 and 23, 2012, I will be part of the Glebe Fine Art Show again. This year's theme for the Viewers' Choice Award is “A Place in Ottawa”. I still have to decide what I will paint as there are so many picturesque spots in the Ottawa area.

I will also participate in the West Carleton Arts Society's Expressions of Art 2012 Fall Art Exhibition & Sale in Carp, Friday October 5 – Sunday, October 7, 2012.

As for those of you who would like to try out painting in a workshop before registering for a whole course, I am very excited to let you know that I was picked as one of the facilitators for the “You Deserve It” Womens' Day Conference on Saturday October 20, 2012, from 8am to 5pm at Gisèle-Lalonde Public Secondary School, Orleans.

For more information please go to

So I am sure I will have an exciting fall ahead of me, and I hope you will join me at some of the events.

Enjoy the more leisurely time of summer,




June 1, 2012

May was the month of the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Unfortunately, due to the many changes that were done to the festival this year, it was not as much fun for the participating artists. We were not required to paint in the parks but my friend Janis and I went to Dow’s Lake anyway. We spent a great day painting surrounded by many visitors. I was happy to see that many teachers had taken their students for an outing. We saw one big group sketching between the flowers.

Janis and I were, however, disappointed that the pavilion where our paintings were exhibited was closed, possibly only open for the weekends. We would have liked to see what everyone had brought in.

I spent most of my painting time in May finishing up works from last fall’s painting trip to Sutton. The only new paintings I started were of tulips: one at the Tulip Festival and one directly in my garden, in my one person gazebo.

For June, I hope to finish some more pieces, and do some plein air outings with my painting buddies before school ends.

As my students finished their classes until the fall, I hope they will make some time to paint during the summer but I know how hard it is when the kids are at home and the weather invites you to do all the fun outdoor activities. I had a great time with all of them and I am looking forward to starting again in the fall.




Sainte Adèle, March 24, 2012


Yesterday, Janis and I arrived in Sainte Adèle to the spring Plein Air Ensemble painting trip. As the weather was just perfect, we met up with our friend Hélène and went directly to find a nice spot to paint. We ended up at the bank of the “Rivière du Nord”.


While we were unpacking our stuff I realized that I had forgotten to take my painting coat with me which meant I had to paint in my good winter jacket. Luckily for me, it was warm enough to paint without a jacket.


Checking into the Hotel “Le Chantecler” Janis and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that we did not only have one room but also a dining/living room with a fireplace and a kitchen as well as two bathrooms.


Dinner at the hotel restaurant was also fantastic: a four course meal with not only great food but also a great presentation of the food on the plates. The only downside: dinner took three hours.


Today we went to “Park Doncaster” where we saw a couple of picturesque spots to paint. Unfortunately, the water of the river was so high that we could not set up our equipment. When we finally found a spot, we had to pack really lightly and carry or drag our stuff a long way through the wet snow that covered most of the pathways. There we had an amazing view of the rushing waterfall. I worked on two paintings: one is more or less finished, the other one needs some work as I got really cold in the late afternoon. The sun did not come out the whole day and the air near the water was very chilly and damp.


Happy but exhausted we returned to the hotel and relaxed a little bit before heading up to the hotel restaurant for an amazing Mediterranean buffet. This hotel is a real treat as the group usually stays in cottage resorts or inns. The floor plan of the hotel is, however, very interesting as the restaurant and the registration are on the ground floor and all of the floors we are in are underneath even though we are on a second or third level.


In the evening we watched a documentary about the Canadian painter Riopelle which one of the participants of our group had directed. It was interesting and quite humorous. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. It is supposed to rain in the morning but with two good days we already had better weather than on any of the Plein Air Ensemble trips I went before.



March 25, 2012


Today it was raining on and off in the until the early afternoon. Hélène, Janis and I went out nevertheless. We went to Estérel where the beautiful Lac Masson is situated. However, we could not find a place to stop and paint as the road shoulders are very narrow and all the good views are from the houses of the rich. We finally found a small park, Parc Thomas-Louis Simard, which is on a lake. We set up our easels there but painting was a challenge as is was very misty and the humidity was so high that drops of water rolled down my canvas even though I had put up an umbrella. I was lifting more oil paint off the canvas than putting it on. Very frustrating. After lunch it had cleared a little bit and I was able to finally block in my colours. However, at that point Janis was already finished with her painting and Hélène had decided to wipe hers off. As we were all quite cold, Janis and I decided to head back to the hotel to warm up in the whirlpool.


Tonight after dinner we watched three documentaries about the Canadian landscape painters Casson, Tom Thomson as well as about the Group of Seven. Very interesting and inspiring.


As the sun came out right before dinner we are hopeful that we will have a sunny painting day tomorrow.



March 26, 2012


Time to pack our stuff. Tomorrow we are going back home. We had a wonderful sunny day which was great for taking photos. Unfortunately, it was so brutally windy that it took Janis and me until after lunch before we finally found a place where we were not blown to pieces.


As it was very cold in the morning, we decided to drive towards Val David. From there we continued on Ch. Masson to Ste. Lucie des Lauretides. Shortly before we hit highway 329 we saw this humongous rock which we just had to paint. We had to hold on to our gear whenever a wind gust came but still were a little sheltered.


Pumped with fresh energy form the successful painting we did not want to go pack to the hotel but went back to Ste. Adèle where we did another take o the waterfall of the “Riviere du Nord, just a little further down than on the first day. The rush of the water was hypnotizing me. I had a hard time packing it in again, even though Janis was already ready to go - she is always a lot faster than I am and usually finishes two paintings in the time I need for one - and despite the heavy wind gusts which made me cling for to my easel for the life of my painting. It was so windy that I was literally blown away in the rain poncho I wore at one point.


Back in the hotel, we found out that we were the only ones who did not surrender to the wind but stayed out the whole day. Well, having young kids gives you a certain stamina. You also want to take advantage of the short time you have for yourself.


After dinner we had our “show and tell” which I love. It’s great to see what everyone did the last couple of days, where they went, what interested them. It’s fascinating to compare your own works with those of the people who joined you at a certain spot. Sometimes their interpretation of the landscape is so completely different from your own and other times so similar that I mistook one of Janis’ paintings for one of my own. How funny!


It was a great trip. The accommodation was superb. Usually we do not stay in four star hotels but cheaper cottages or auberges. A real treat. It was so much fun to spend a couple of days with my painting friends again. I am already looking forward to our Kamouraska trip in September.


Friday, February 24, 2012

This week was the first time I went onto the ice of the Ottawa River to paint the fishing huts near Petrie Island. The weather was great but I was too nervous to drive onto the ice. Janis and I decided we would rather carry our stuff down than take our cars. Whenever I drive along this part of the river I can still see the picture of the truck in the water under which a man died two years ago while trying to bring in one of the huts.

Hélène took her car and made it further down the little “hut village”. She met a fisher who also paints . He did a painting of the huts a couple of years ago. Later he invited the three of us into his hut and I was amazed at the hut's size and comfort. He had a wood stove, sofa, chairs and table and even a toilet in there. I guess it is his winter retreat. It would definitely not be for me but it was interesting to see this winter tradition up close.

Monday, February 13, 2012

At the beginning of February I finally made it back into the studio. I finished a painting of our street which I had started as a demonstration for my students. I feels great to paint again after a break of a couple of months. In the meantime, my studio had transformed into a storage area and I had to do some serious decluttering before I could even find my way back to the easel. I really hope I will be able to keep painting at least every other day for about 2 hours. I want to finish some paintings in progress but also start on a couple of large scale paintings of smaller paintings I particularly enjoy.

My painting class at the Resurrection Lutheran Church is going well. The students make good progress, and we definitely have lots of fun. At the moment I try to get another kids workshop organized.

I registered for the spring painting trip with the “Plein Air Ensemble” at the end of March. It will be fun as my friends Hélène, Janis and I will drive together to Ste. Adèle in Quebec.

Hopefully, we will still get some plein air painting done in the Ottawa region before we go as I have not been painting outside since the end of October.

My second painting trip will again go to Kamouraska, Quebec, with our KAM 7 group at the beginning of September.

I also registered for the Glebe Fine Art Show which will be held at the Glebe Community Centre on September 22 and 23, 2012.

As I have been asked repeatedly about my cards, I would like to refer you to

where you can order a large variety of my designs. You are even able to customize the inside text of the cards. If you are looking for a specific image and cannot find it in the online store please do not hesitate to contact me and I upload the card for you.

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