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2013 Blog Entries


December 25, 2013



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my family, friends and customers.


2013 was a very good year for me. I finally got excepted into a gallery in downtown Ottawa when Artworkz by GAC Ottawa opened its doors in September. In January 2014, the gallery will move to Montreal. I am excited about the prospect of finally showing my work in Montreal, even though I am a little sad about the closure of the Ottawa gallery.


I missed the two Plein Air Ensemble painting trips due to personal reasons but was excited to meet my KAM7 friends again in Kamouraska in September. I also met twice with some of my painting buddies in the Whitewater region. All three times, the weather was challenging but we made the best out of it and still had lots of fun.


I was lucky enough to teach some wonderful students. With the opening of the François Dupuis Recreation Centre in Orleans, I was able to join their team and instructed a drawing class for children

8 - 12 years old, which was a lot of fun. I also held two painting classes at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex. One was an introduction to painting class for adults, the other “Painting like the Famous Artists” was for children. I still have one private student which is wonderful as I have been able to follow her continuous progress for the last 1 1/2 years. Whenever I teach, it is always is a big inspiration for me to try different techniques and help the participants to reach their full potential. I feel so blessed that I am able to share my passion.


The last weekend in November, I also held my first “Open House” which was a big success and will definitely see a return next November. I really enjoyed being able to show my works on the walls of my own house.


I also kept busy doing two marketing workshops which helped me define how I can better serve my clients. I am in the process of creating an eBook as well as a monthly newsletter and weekly blog you can subscribe to in the new year.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your support, and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,







November 22, 2013


I am excited to announce my first


November 30, 2013

1270 Kinsella Drive, Cumberland, ON

10am to 4pm

For more information please click here



September 16, 2013


Exciting news: Thursday is the grand opening of the ArtWorkz by CAG Ottawa Gallery

at 55 Murry Street, Suite 104, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5M3 (Byward Market area)

For more information please go to ArtWorkz


I am very excited to be part of this new gallery and to be able to show my works now on a permanent basis in the heart of Ottawa.  A big "thank you" to Garry Pierre and his team who made this gallery possible.


September 13, 2013


Today was our last day in Kamouraska. The two previous days the fog was so thick that everything just disappeared behind a white wall. At times we could not even see the other side of the road.


On Wednesday, Janis, Deborah and I stayed in the house. I had brought some paintings from previous years for the obligatory rain day.

Two of them I finished, plus the painting I did looking towards St.-Pascal.


In the evening, Sharon served some comfort food consisting of pork roast, potatoes, and corn. She made a very creamy dessert with manually whipped cream, jam and pineapple pieces.


On Thursday, we did not have rain but the fog was as thick at on the previous day. Nevertheless, Janis and I did not want to stay in the house for another day and drove to St.-Denis-sur-Mer. However, we could not see much in the eerie white landscape. At the end we went to the park and painted a wild rose right up close. There was just nothing else you could see. The longer we stayed the more the humidity made us cold to the bone. We drove further to Rivière-Ouelle but by the time we reached the town it also started to rain. We drove back to the house. Once it stopped raining, I dressed in my winter gear and spent the afternoon in the yard painting the entrance to the house with all the knotty bush covering most of the view. As I could go into the house to warm up regularly it was a good compromise.


At night, Deborah cooked fresh salmon, potatoes, yellow beans, and Caesar salad. For dessert, we had the traditional sugar pie with ice cream.


This morning, another foggy day awaited us. The weather forecast also called for rain. Janis and I intended to spend our last day outside under any circumstances. Bravely we drove through the fog. First, we went through St. Germain to St. Hélène, and then further to St.-Joseph-de-Kamouraska. The higher we drove up the Monadnock the thinner the fog became. In St.-Joseph the sun came out behind the clouds. Our destination was the “Parc du Lac Morin”. There it was very idyllic and the fog had lifted – we could even see a little bit of blue sky – but we wanted to paint the St. Lawrence panorama. We drove back down the Monadnock but had to turn around part way as a thick wall of fog awaited us.


We drove to the rural highway #230 towards St.-Hélène and set up our equipment on the side of the road. Traffic made it quite a noisy spot but the view was fantastic. Once it looked like the fog had dissolved even further, we drove towards the river, and enjoyed a nice picnic sheltered by the big rocks of our favourite Monadnock. Then we continues further east to the Rue Beaulieu where there was hardly any wind, and started our next painting. After about two hours, I was totally stressed out by the army of mosquitoes surrounding me. It was just impossible to continue as they flew into ears, eyes, and nose despite the repellent I had used several times. I have never experienced an attack like this in my life. On our way back to the house, I was surprised to find green paint on my fingers over and over again even though I had cleaned my hands thoroughly. Later, I found out that one of my ears was covered in green paint. I must have touched my ear with the brush while fighting against the army of mosquitoes.


All in all it was a good day. The fresh air made all of us hungry and tired. Maria's dinner was exactly what we needed: We had spinach patties, wild rice, yellow beets and a mixed salad with bacon and mushrooms. For dessert we enjoyed Madeleines with lemon yogurt and raspberries.


After dinner we looked at the 86 works painted this week. As we usually split up in three groups, it was interesting to see where everyone had been and what had been painted. Everyone of us has their own style, and some of the paintings were just breathtaking. Many works are still unfinished, some just small sketches but all of them reflect the diversity and the atmosphere of the region. I am already looking forward to next year.



September 11, 2013


Today, we woke up to pouring rain. The whole landscape was engulfed in a deep fog. Time to take it easy and write my blog.


When we arrived in Kamouraska on Saturday it was raining. However, the sight of our friends and Bill's wonderful meal of beef roast, vegetables, salad and a dessert of apple pie and ice cream let us forget about the bad weather.


Sunday morning was sunny and mild. Janis and I did some scouting first, then went back to the Monadnock we discovered on our first trip. We worked on two painting in the warm sun sheltered by the stones. However, the wind was quite strong along the river, so we went back to the house in the afternoon and painted the seascape. This was very convenient as it was my turn to cook. I made a pasta casserole with lots of different vegetables and apple strudel which was a big hit. The next morning everyone had the leftover strudel for breakfast.


Monday was another windy day with winds of 35km/h and bad gusts. This is our fifth time here but we have never experienced winds like that even though we made it through some very windy days in the last years. Sometimes, we all came back with windburn. Janis and I braved the winds in a field above St.-Pascal. We went there already last year and the view over St.-Pascal and Kamouraska is just breathtaking. Last year, I looked down towards Kamouraska, this year I decided to paint St.-Pascal. However, the wind got stronger and stronger. So we went to the house for some hot tea with our lunch, then headed out to the lighthouse in St.-André. There we met Maria, Leslie, and Deborah who had the same idea.


When we went in, Maria just tried to bring her first painting to the car. What a sight! She was fighting with the wind to keep her painting in her hand. The wind was so strong, the lighthouse with the five of us inside was shaking every time a gust came which happened in very fast intervals.


As it was Janis' turn to cook, we went back to the house in the afternoon. She made her crowd-pleaser Jambalaya, salad and blueberry duffs.


Yesterday, we experienced a sunny day with less winds. Janis and I went to St.-Denis-sur-Mer and painted the seascape from the Chemin de la Grève. I painted the view towards the Cap au Diable. Later in the morning, we went through St.-Philippe-de-Neri to St.-Pacôme. There we went up the ski hill and painted the beautiful view with fields the colour of burgundy.


In the afternoon, we went to Mont-Carmel but did not stay as the sky was dark purple and the start of the rain seemed just around the corner. We drove back through St.-Philippe-de-Néri to Kamouraska. However, it started raining and the wind had picked up. Janis and I went for a small walk through the town, then went back to the house to paint some little seascapes just in front of the house. If it had not been for the annoying mosquitoes not leaving us alone despite the repellent, it would have been very peaceful. I still enjoyed it.


Leslie had prepared a chicken dish in a cream sauce with a nice salad and ice cream with chocolate covered blueberries as dessert.


After dinner, we always sit together for a nice chat. However, some of us are so tired they have a hard time staying up even until 9pm. Being outside the whole day in the fresh air and with the wind makes you really tired. Even I go to bed a good hour earlier then usual. On the other hand, we are out of the house already before 8:30am in the morning. It's a long day of painting and it's wonderful.




September 7, 2013


It's this time of the year again: Our KAM7 group is meeting in Kamouraska for a week of painting and camaraderie.


This morning, Janis picked me up. After loading the car, it looked like we would head out to a four week vacation. The car is filled to the roof. As we are renting a house, we do not only need our painting gear (including a variety of canvas sizes – you never know what will inspire you) and our clothes but also food. Because we do not want to be bothered with washing at the end of the stay, we also take bedding and towels. I am just glad that our friend Deborah did not accept our invitation to share a car. There would have been no way to accommodate the three of us.


We have just met up with Deborah and are now on our way towards Montréal. It is a cloudy day – perfect for driving. Let's hope for great weather in Kamouraska. Regardless, we will definitely have a lot of fun.




August 5, 2013


Today, was my first day back in the studio after a long break. I have to admit I didn't do much painting in June and July. There were so many other things that kept me busy.


On June 8th and 9th, I participated in the Navan Fine Arts Exhibition and Sale for the first time. It was a wonderful little show. The other artists were so welcoming, everyone participated in making the show a success, and the visitors really engaged with us artists. I enjoyed the setup with grids at the outside of the room and tables in the middle which made the area feel very open. I sold two paintings and quite a lot of cards.


As there was a large variety of art works offered, I ended up buying a couple of things for myself. One was a beautiful pitcher in pastel colours that caught my eye right away. I looked at it for a long time but only bought it after I had sold my first painting. I am so glad I did. I enjoy it every time I look at it, and I hope the two people who bought my paintings feel the same way when the look at them. For me that is so much more important than just selling a painting.


On June 14, I went on a trip to Montreal that was organized by Arteast. Our first stop was the Chihuly Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: What a treat for the eyes! Definitely a must-see (running until October 20, 2013). Chihuly's glass creations are so unique in form, colour and installation that they invite you to stay and just observe.


In the afternoon, we went to the FIMA (Festival International Montréal en Arts) which is the greatest open air art gallery in eastern Canada. I have to admit that I was disappointed: There was a lot of surrealistic art which I don't enjoy very much and a lot less artists than I had expected.


The week after, I painted with my private student on her property at the Ottawa River. It was quite the experience as we took her ATV to get to a good spot closer to the river. I wish someone had taken a photograph of the two of us riding through the field with an ATV packed full of artist materials. We had so much fun. Unfortunately, the next two weeks were so hot that it was just impossible to go down again.


July is usually my vacation month as we go to a cottage for a week. Despite having the whole family and two of my kids' friends around, I started a little sketch of a photo I had taken of my daughter and her friend at their dance recital. Both of them are in their ballet costume waiting for their next performance on stage. While I was painting the two of them were choreographing new dances. It really inspired me.


As we had most of our house painted the first week of July, I spent the rest of the month putting things back together. However, it was definitely worth it. I finally enjoy a house with bright colours: bright green for the living room, dark orange for the hallway, and a pastel yellow for the kitchen. Colour makes such a big difference in how you feel. I really enjoy our house even more. And it is not only me, even the conservative members of the family who wanted to stick to white and off-white for the walls were excited. The same was true for the painters who loved to put bright colours on the walls. When I asked them later which the craziest colour was they had ever put on walls, they told me that it was the orange that I had picked. Most people would just go for grey and beige tones.


Well, time to put some colour on some canvases. I ordered some big ones two weeks ago. So off to the studio I go.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!




June, 4, 2013


May was an exciting month for me. It started with a trip to the Tulip Festival with my friend Janis where we painted yet another tulip painting. There is just something about these flowers that attracts everyone. Maybe it is the promise of spring and warmer temperatures that draws us in. We were definitely not the only ones in the park at Dow's Lake. However, we were the only ones painting - and attracted quite a lot of people, too. All of them were very supportive. Some took pictures of us painting.


On Victoria Day, Janis and Hélène came out to the cottage to paint the Whitewater region with me. They came in the afternoon and we decided to go painting right away to make use of the nice weather. We went to the tip of Presqu'ile and painted the Ottawa River until the wind picked up and it got quite cold.


Sketch Day 1


The next day we had made plans with our friend Bill to meet him in Eganville at the Bonnechere Caves. The day didn't start too well. It was raining on and off , with a bigger rain system approaching. However, as it was not raining when we arrived in Eganville, we went on a short hike along the Bonnechere River, then set up our painting gear. It was a dark day but the scenery was still breathtaking. We made it till lunch when the heavy rain started that did not stop until late at night. We hurriedly packed in our gear and went to see Bill's new studio and home. As there was nothing else we could do in this horrible weather, we went to Renfrew where we enjoyed the delicious ice cream at Tracy's – Bill's absolute favourite. Well, he did not promise too much: The ice cream was delicious.


On Wednesday, the weather was slightly better. Bill came over to our place and we painted a swamp in the morning. Then we had lunch on the outside patio. In the afternoon we went to the Black Chute where we could see first hand how high the water of the Ottawa River is this spring. When the heavy rain came again we went back to the cottage and enjoyed some art discussions and good food.


Thursday was our last day – another day with off and on rain. Bill joined us again. We decided to go back to the Black Chute area to paint as one of the rafting companies has a gazebo there where we could take shelter. The wind was bitterly cold and temperatures dropped constantly. I was glad I wore my winter coat. By lunch time, I had also put on gloves. The view, however, was fantastic. The waves humongous. It was fascinating to watch some rafting enthusiast riding the waves. Definitely not something I would ever try!


On May 28, I put up my solo show at Lunasole Restaurant in Orleans. The owner, Farhad Khan, has kindly offered one wall of his restaurant to Arteast members to show their work. It was great to see how enthusiastic the employees of the restaurant were when I brought in my paintings. They will hang in the restaurant until June 25, 2013.


Please click for more information as well as a photo of me in front of my paintings.


Just days later, on June 2, was the vernissage of the Arteast Show “Cumberland Museum – En Plein Air” which hangs at the Shenkman Arts Centre on the Promenade Arteast wall. The seeds for this show were already sown when some of us went to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum on August 24, 2012 to paint a rural village of the 1920s to 1930s. Subjects range from animal paintings to heritage houses, gardens and the wonderful volunteers in their area costumes. The exhibition continues until July 23, 2013.  I am especially pleased that one of my paintings was chosen for the invitation (second from right).




This week I am getting ready for the Navan Fine Arts Exhibition and Sale at the Navan Curling Club. It is my first time at this show. I am really looking forward to it as it is an event in my neighbourhood, my daughter's school, Heritage Public School, is participating and the other participating artists have been all very welcoming. Everyone worked hard to get everything organized and helped with the different task, e.g. I painted one of the signs for the show. I am sure it will be a great event.



April 30, 2013


Last Thursday was the vernissage of the “Seven Artistic Visions” exhibition at the Wall Space Gallery in Orleans. Not only for the visitors but also for us artists it was the first time we saw the show as we did not participate in the hanging. A big “thank you” to the Wall Space team who did a great job. We had lots of guests and everyone had a good time. I would like to thank my family and friends, and the many church members of Resurrection Lutheran Church who came for their continuous support.


One of the special moments was when one of the guests came to me to ask me for an autograph. What an honour!


Four of my paintings are at the gallery at the moment. One of them, “Cold Sunny Day” was not even supposed to be at the Wall Space Gallery as I had finished it for the Ottawa Art Association Spring Awards Show. Unfortunately, I had to find out the evening before the drop-off that my painting was not - as I had thought- 20”x24” but 20”x26” which is not a standard size. Therefore, I could not just buy a new frame.


At first, I was really disappointed and panicked but then I finished “Fall Splendor” that evening and dropped it off at the Ottawa Little Theatre the next day. All Ottawa Art Association shows are held at the theare. Then I brought “Cold Sunny Day” for framing to Wall Space where it got a beautiful custom frame.


I did not win one of the awards at the Ottawa Art Association show but got some really nice compliments for my painting.


So if you would like to see the Wall Space exhibition, it is still on until May 11, 2013. The paintings of the Ottawa Art Association Award Show can be seen at the Ottawa Little Theatre until May 24, 2013.




April 5, 2013


I am very excited to let you know that I will be joining six of my painitng buddies in the exhibition "Seven Artistic Visions" at the Wall Space Gallery in Orleans. The show runs from April 26 - May 11, 2013. The vernissage is on Thrusday, April 25, 2013 from 7-9pm. I hope many of you can make it out.

Please click on "Invitation" to get more information.



February 26, 2013


Before I will take a break from painting to visit my family and friends in Germany, I would like to let you know what I did the last two months.


In January I worked hard on a portrait of an older gentleman with his pipe. It was a commission done from a sketch. The project proved more difficult than I had anticipated. So far I had only done portraits of people in my family. This time, however, I painted a person I had never met nor even seen in a photograph. While painting I already realized I did not have enough information about the person so that I had to improvise. For example, while the sketch was successful with just the showing of the head and the hand holding the pipe, this looked unfinished in my painting. Therefore, I had to „borrow“ another man's upper body to make my portrait work. The end result was a good portrait but unfortunately not what my client had expected. In retrospect, I should have realized when I accepted the commission that my painting would already be the interpretation of another artist's interpretation which is very tricky as a portrait is already very challenging by itself.


While painting a landscape you have a lot more freedom. Nobody will count the branches of a tree or even realize a change of the size of a mountain. You paint the impression the landscape left. However, with a portrait a small shift of a line or shadow can make a big difference.


Moreover, how you see a person is very subjective. I can meet someone when I am together with my daughter and this person will tell me how much we look alike while the next person might say that my daughter looks exactly like her father which is not very likely as my husband and I don't look alike at all.


In February I finished a painting I had started during a Monet workshop in December. It was another challenge as I tend to start with dark colours and then go lighter while many of the Impressionist works contain a lot of light colours. The colours are put on side by side with short brushstrokes. The optical mixing of colours occurs in the eye of the viewer. It took me a lot of time to do the small brush strokes and I had to go over certain sections several times as I fell into the trap of using dark colours again and again.





Last weekend I went to an Emily Carr workshop – again with one of my favourite instructors, Andrea Mossop. The challenge this time was to produce many different greens and to create a painting with lots of movement.


It is interesting to see how different famous painters saw the world around them and how they expressed themselves on the canvas. From every workshop I kept some skills and integrated them into my painting. For me the purpose of these workshops is not to become another Monet or Carr but to advance my own style while getting a better appreciation of the featured artist. I finished one painting during the workshop, and I am working on a second one inspired by Emily.


On March 1, 2013 I will hang three of my paintings in the very nice little Café Joel in Rockland where they will stay for a month.


See you back in the spring,




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