Whenever I look around me, I am amazed by the beauty of nature, its ever-changing colour and movement.

With my art, I interpret this beauty to prevent it from fading – like a moment frozen in time.

My Client Reviews

“Kerstin Peters’s workshops have helped me to become very creative.  Kerstin is a multi-talented artist who loves art and people.   In my case, she helped me see my potential, become more confident and daring as I learned and experimented.  That is an amazing gift!  Expressing myself through art (painting, collage, felting, mixed media) and enjoying art generally now enriches my daily life.”
Francine C. (young retiree)

“I love Kerstin’s artworks. I have attended a few of her short workshops & love her versatility in so many different mediums. I have found a couple of things I really enjoy.”

Cynthia W.

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